Ho Ho Ho! - 345/365

Today was a long day.  I had a work lunch to attend and could not take a picture.  Then on the way home from the dog park, I wound up rescuing a lost dog and had to wait for animal control. I am exhausted so tonight is a quick snapshot of a house along my walk with Onyx

This is a quick shot my iPhone.

Buyers Beware of Pure Canvas - 344/365

This seems to be my year to battle companies.  Usually I do not have that many complaints.  I am a consumer of Groupon.  I have had all great experiences with Groupon.  Even when there has been an issue, everything has been resolved quickly.  Groupon may work with me to resolve this issue too so at this time, I have nothing bad to say about Groupon.  Unfortunately I cannot say the same about PureCanvas.  I ordered five canvas prints from PureCanvas through Groupon.  After PureCanvas confirmed that they had received all five orders and stated that the prints would be shipped the following week I received the email below.  Please note the comment about the shipping costs.  I placed the order on November 8th and this letter did not arrive until after the time period that they stated for not refunding shipping costs.  How can a company charge shipping and keep it when they did not actually ship the item?  Shipping charges for five canvas prints was actually fairly pricy.  Needless to say I just got off the phone with my credit card company and have put in a dispute for the shipping charges.  I have also been in contact with Groupon to work on getting my money refunded for the purchase of the five groupons too.  I will give an update as this progresses.  I just wanted everyone in my photography network to beware of Pure Canvas. DO NOT purchase anything from them.  It is a scam!  

A Prince's Island Winter - 343/365

I finally managed to escape for a lunch time walk.  Although it was eight degrees Celsius, it was pretty dreary outside.  I was not inspired by anything that I saw today so I wandered over to the pond and shot a few landscapes. 

Single image processed in Colour Efex.

Calgary Sunrise - 342/365

I did not intend to take a window view for my shot today.  However, I happened to walk by the window on my way to the printer and could not resist what I saw.  I ran back to my work space and grabbed my camera.   

This is a single shot processed in Colour Efex.

Crystal Morning - 341/365

After a night of freezing rain in Red Deer, we woke up to the beautiful sight of hoar frost covering absolutely everything.  I love the magical look of hoar frost. It brings my imagination back to childhood stories and fairytales.  This weekend was wonderful and this morning's scenery was the perfect way to finish it off. 

This is a single image processed in Colour Efex and Lightroom.

Beautiful Button Bokeh- 338/365

The Christmas season is a time for good food and time with great people.  Since I decided to embrace that at lunch today, I needed to find a picture this evening.  While shopping at the dollar store, I saw a bag of buttons.  The brought back memories of my childhood.  My mum is an avid sewer and when I was little, I used to sit for hours playing with her big container of buttons.  This picture for me is a tribute to some fond childhood memories spent with my mum.

This is a single image processed in Analog Efex.

Born This Way - 337/365

I have been dreading doing this theme.  The second to last theme I need to do for 114 in 2014 is to create an Iconic album cover.  Unfortunately many of the easier one's were done early, including the Beatles White Album  Thank you to one of my Flickr friend's for giving me a couple of ideas. Then I saw Lady Gaga's album and thought...why not.  Selfies are not in my comfort zone!  Unfortunately I did not have a black backdrop but this will have to do!

Primary Colours - 336/365

Today was just insanely busy so I needed to come up with a picture after work.  Since I did not do a full primary colour image for the 114 in to 2014 Flickr group, I decided to do a redo tonight.

This is a single image processed in both Colour Efex and Lightroom. 

Can You Find Joe? - 335/365

Due to a lunch commitment, I did not manage to go outside for a lunch walk.  Fortunately the view of the sunset from the office window saved me.  I wish I was a few minutes sooner but this will have to do!  The Sony is all packed up and will be shipped out tomorrow.  I am going to miss it!  I am sure I will have updates really soon, fingers crossed they are good ones.

This shot is a three image HDR processed in HDR Efex.

Breaking Through the Cold - 334/365

Today was a bit brisk with a minus 25 windchill.  I managed to stay out long enough to get two dogs exercised and to take my picture.  By then, my toes were hurting so I decided to retreat into the warmth.  

This was an image shot in Fish Creek Provincial Park.  It is a single image processed in Analog Efex. 

Cold Beauty - 333/365

I am curled up in a blanket after venturing out into minus 20 degrees Celsius to take this picture.  Onyx and I had frozen toes by the time we were back in the truck.  It is so peaceful being the only one in the park.  No one else is crazy to go for a walk in this weather!

This is a single image processed in Lightroom.  Soon I will be sending the Sony off across the country and will once again be shooting purely with the old canon.  

I Love Edible Subjects - 331/365

Snow, freezing drizzle and a drop in temperature made me decide to do a macro inside after work rather than go out for a photo walk.  I happened to have some smartfood popcorn in the cupboard and thought they would make the perfect picture and evening snack.

This is a single image processed in colour Efex.

Winter is Upon Us - 330/365

It looks like winter has caught up with us.  Snow is expected for the next four days with temperatures steadily dropping to a low of minus twenty seven degrees Celsius by Saturday.  Tonight I decided to take my camera with me on Onyx's walk and try some high ISO images in the darkness.   I wound up changing the camera to full automatic mode as it seemed to handle the darkness better than I was.  This image is grainier than I like but I think it does add to the mood.

On a side note, I had a small amount of progress with Sony.  They still will not give me an approximate cost but they are sending out a prepaid box and are waiving the refusal fee if I decide not to get the repair done.  I still do not think their model is that customer friendly but at least they reached out and offered some kind of compromise.

Panning for Gold- 329/365

Out for lunch with a girlfriend for her birthday so I was unable to get out for a lunch time wander.  It is dark by the time I get home so I decided to do another picture from the group 114 in 2014.  Only four more to go after this!  I did actually try to do a photography panning shot earlier this month but it was not up to my standards! 

Sony Sucks - 328/365

I spent a small part of my day discussing why Sony's technical support couldn't give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to replace the sensor in my Sony Camera.  They flat out refused to tell me how much it would cost and said that I had to mail it to them for an assessment.  Not only that, if I decided that it was too expensive and I might as well just buy a new camera, they would charge me for simply looking at it!  I know what is wrong and I am pretty sure they know how much it would cost.  I also enquired at the Camera Store if they had any Sony experience.  They told me that Sony will not allow them to send in camera's on a customer's behalf unlike any other camera manufacturer out there.  Though Sony is first in class on innovation they are sure bottom of the list in customer service.

This is a single image processed in Analog Efex.  I took a busy picture so I wouldn't have to edit out the scratch!

Fading Signal - 327/365

With just over a month left, I am determined to get the last few themes done for the Flickr Group 114 in to 2014.  This is a macro of the fading glow of the left turn signal of the rental car I had for the weekend.  The theme is signal.  I will be returning the vehicle tomorrow morning.  Hopefully the part for my truck comes in this week!

After posting this image, I have five more themes to go.  They are: 

  1. Paperweight.... (I know what I am doing for this one)
  2. Zodiac Signs.... (I have an idea that will take some work)
  3. Represent an Iconic Album Cover or Movie Poster in your image.... ( HELP!! I'm open to suggestions)
  4. Panning.... (Yes, I think I have an idea for this one)
  5. Fern/s.... (I think I might have to buy one!)

Bad Breath Isn't Sexy - 326/365

This sign made me laugh and I needed a laugh.  

I shot this quick image in the parking lot of Vistek.  Vistek did not charge me for the sensor cleaning as it confirmed that there was no smudge and in fact the scratch was really a scratch.  This was my test shot from Vistek's parking lot to see if I would be able to see the scratch.  Yes, I could clearly see it in the sky and I used LightRoom's spot removal tool to get rid of it.  The test shots at a wide open aperture seems to "hide" the scratch.  Unfortunately that is not how I shoot most of the time.  It looks like I will be phoning Sony on Monday to see what the cost of a sensor replacement it.  Vistek's staff think it will be around $1200  :(  

Vistek's customer service was fantastic through this.