Best Light - 20/365

Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.
Don Henley 

This Monday was a very hectic day.  My morning was spent going from one meeting to the next.  I was more than happy to escape the office for may photo of the adventure.  I returned to the pedestrian bridge that spans Bow Trail and the LRT tracks.  

I processed this image in three different programs.  First I used colour efex to bring out the detail.  This was followed by the monochrome processing in Silver efex. Finally I removed a couple of dust spots in LightRoom.

Procrastination - 19/365

While at the dog park I noticed the clouds would make a breathtaking long exposure landscape.  I have not used my 10 stop ND filter nearly enough and I was already getting excited to get it on my camera.  However, I decided to chisel some more ice from the front of my driveway and then I dilly-dallied inside getting my gear ready.  By the time I managed to get outside, my perfect clouds had been blown away by the wind.  

I still headed out into the park and found a couple of small wispy colds.  As I trudged along up to my knees in snow, I noted for the second time this weekend that bringing my snowshoes would have been a great idea since I rarely stay on the path.  

This image was taken with my wide angle lens equipped with a 10 stop ND filter.  I processed this image in analog efex using the wet plate filter.

Riding the Rails - 10/365

The Southwest LRT line opened last year and I have never taken the train out in that direction.  I decided to escape the downtown core at lunch and go out to one of the Southwest Stations.  Once I was there, I was stuck for a while as once again a driver thought it was smart to race a train.  The accident caused delays on the line I happened to be on.  Fortunately I have an understanding boss!  

Though I had a few images with trains in them, I really liked the vast feel of the empty platform and station more.  The vanishing lines drew me in more with this image than the motion blur of a train.

This image was processed in Silver Efex Pro.