Best Light - 20/365

Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.
Don Henley 

This Monday was a very hectic day.  My morning was spent going from one meeting to the next.  I was more than happy to escape the office for may photo of the adventure.  I returned to the pedestrian bridge that spans Bow Trail and the LRT tracks.  

I processed this image in three different programs.  First I used colour efex to bring out the detail.  This was followed by the monochrome processing in Silver efex. Finally I removed a couple of dust spots in LightRoom.

Terrific Textures - 18/365

Today was the third day hanging around the house with Onyx.  I had an extreme case of cabin fever and the beautiful day outside was not helping.  I could feel my irritability growing so I decided to grab my camera and head to the park for an hour.  I was looking for chunks of anchored ice to shoot but I did not find any.  However, the light on the water was breathtaking.  I discovered that I have a small fear of walking on solid ice beside the river.  Even though I could see another person walking on it and that I could see that I would only be at most thigh deep should the ice break.  I just could not bring myself to go too far out. 

Today's shot is a single image.  I used a three stop neutral density filter so I could have a longer exposure and smooth out the water a touch.   I once again processed today's image in analog efex.  

Riding the Rails - 10/365

The Southwest LRT line opened last year and I have never taken the train out in that direction.  I decided to escape the downtown core at lunch and go out to one of the Southwest Stations.  Once I was there, I was stuck for a while as once again a driver thought it was smart to race a train.  The accident caused delays on the line I happened to be on.  Fortunately I have an understanding boss!  

Though I had a few images with trains in them, I really liked the vast feel of the empty platform and station more.  The vanishing lines drew me in more with this image than the motion blur of a train.

This image was processed in Silver Efex Pro.

Playing with the Fisheye - 9/365

Today I forced myself to walk in the opposite direction of the skating rink.  Sadly the sky was grey and I knew I could not rely on it to help compose today's image.  The trees architecture sculptures grabbed my attention.  I have shot them before but never with a fisheye.  I thought they would be a fun architecture to shoot.  This shot is a bit busier than I tend to like, I like a more simple minimalistic image but it was still fun to play with the fisheye.  

This is a single image processed in Silver Efex.  

The Banker's Hall tree sculptures were donated to the city of Calgary by Trizec Hahn Office Properties.  The 10 steel structures are an architectural representation of trees.

Ice Magic - 8/365

I did not intend to find myself back at the skating rink but as I was walking over the bridge, my eyes were drawn to the circles on the ice.  Before I knew it, I was back delicately walking across the ice to shoot a circle.  My first few shots did not include the bridge as I thought taking the same bridge in less than a week was over kill.  However, I liked how it balance out my scene.  I think tomorrow I will have to walk in a different direction.

This is a single image processed in Silver Efex.  I increased the structure/detail of the image to enhance the sky. 

Whispers of Winter

Snow is often a dreaded part of winter for many people.  In fact, my planned hike for today was cancelled due to the falling snow.  Rather than stay inside, I decided to embrace the winter wonderland.  After an hour and half in the dog park with Big O, and a 45 minute on leash walk with Little O, I grabbed my camera and headed to Fish Creek Park.  There was not a soul in sight.  The landscape was so peaceful, I could hear the whisper of snow falling all around me.