Blue Bags for a Blue Day - 260/365

I almost had this image posted last night but instead I sat for three hours in the emergency vet clinic.  My two dogs are really good about not taking things off the table so I have been lucky and I don't give too much thought to what I leave on tables or counters.  However, should a tail knock an object off accidentally they figure its on the floor and theirs.  The night before last, this happened with a book of matches.  It did not seem to impact them for almost 12 hours...then my sensitive guy Oliver started throwing up and could not keep anything down.  Oliver is now armed with multiple medications and seems to be slowly recovering.  He has managed to drink and eat a small portion of chicken and rice without bringing it back up.  

My small girl also had a taste of the matches but seemed to get it out of her system with one episode and was immediately fine after that.  

This is a single image processed in Analog efex.  It is for the theme bags for the 114 in 2014 flickr group,