220/365 - Scavenger

Today was another fantastic bug hunting day.  A damselfly caught a huge butterfly or moth and let me watch the feast.  It was huge and I am not sure how it managed to fit into the damselfly.  Though it I shot many images of this, I still wanted something different.  I continued my hunt and came across what I thought was a tiny flying ant sitting on a leaf.  Flying ants are called swarmers and they only appear when an ant colony is mature.  Swarmers are sexually mature ants that venture out to attempt to start a new ant colony.  Very few make it, most become prey.

Then after I posted this blog and posted the image to flickr, I decided to flip through some more bug pictures.  Turns out this is a black scavenger fly and can usually be found near manure.  Fortunately I didn't step in any.  

This is a single image processed in Colour Efex.