One Foot in Front of the Other - 124/365

This morning started with another 8km run.  It did not hurt as much as I expected it to considering I skipped my long run last Sunday due to company being in town.  The Weather was dreary but the temperature was perfect for my body.  Now that I am at home relaxing, my hips tell me that I did some exercise each and every time I get up.  I am already looking forward to my massage tomorrow.  For those who don't like too much information, time to stop reading.  I am about to make a sports bra plug.  Last week I bought an under armour Armour Bra.  It is actually sized according to bra size unlike the small, medium and large sizing.  It is the best supportive bra I have ever ran in.  As any female athlete knows, it can be very hard to find a bra that works!  In the last two weeks, I have still not lost weight and I have not lost anymore inches but my body feels great!

Another iPhone pathway shot today.  It was processed in Silver Efex.