Onyx in her Braces - 140/365

First day back at work is always a bit hard after such a fantastic weekend.  However, I wound up working from home which eased the pain a bit.  Onyx had an upset belly and I did not want to cage her and come home to a mess to clean up.  She slept a lot and seemed to have things out of her system by the time we went for our walk after work.  I took this image of her to document her leg braces.  With them we can walk for a half hour at a time rather than just 10 minutes.  I struggled to get this shot as she wouldn't stay still.  Even in this image I can see her head is not as sharp as I would have liked but in most of the images her head was either turned the other direction or in full motion blur as she was observing her surroundings from all angles.

Single image processed in Colour efex.