Beautiful Barrier Lake - 137/365

The weather today turned out better than I expected.  I managed to complete my 11 km hike before the storm hit.  Due to the stormy weather expected, I decided to do a lower elevation hike and tackled the Prairie View hike.  Oliver and I hiked to McConnell Ridge and back.  The view was spectacular.  Just as I was finishing the hike, the heavens opened!  I am tempted to drive for some sunset shots but I am exhausted.  After having some pizza, delivered from construction pizza, I feel like sleeping.  Maybe I will just relax and process pictures with a glass of wine.  I will post more images of the hike in my flickr photostream

Barrier Lake was created for hydroelectric power generation on the Kananaskis River and is located in Bow Valley Provincial Park.  Today's image was taken from just beside the dam.  This is an HDR created from a single image.  I copied the image two more times and changed the exposure.  I did take a set of three images but when I blended them, I was getting ghosting in the foreground.  My processing was completed in HDR Efex.