A New Favourite Tree- 95/365

Today has been a fantastic day.  I feel very loved from a few close friends and family today.  So, I am publicly thanking them for being the wonderful people they are.  I started my day much earlier than expected which enabled me to get Oliver to the dog park before it became too muddy.  The sun was shining and my vitamin D deprived body was revelling in it.  Afterwards, Onyx and I zipped out for our quick leash walk.  Then, I spent over two hours playing with my 10 stop ND filter in Fish Creek Park.  The clouds were absolutely perfect for long exposure work.  I was in absolute heaven.  To top it off, I found a new favourite tree!!  My old favourite tree has been inaccessible since the flood so I was delighted to find a new favourite.  After a week of mediocre images, I felt like I was finally stepping up my game.  

This is a single image processed in Colour Efex.  I also posted another image on Flickr of the damaged Sue Higgins Bridge.