I Run... - 111/365

I Run... I am slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter but I RUN!  

My first 4 km this morning was bliss.  I was alone on the path with nature surrounding me.  The sound of my feet on the pavement and my rustling jacket were rhythmic.  Then somewhere around 4km it started to be a struggle, the noise from my jacket was deafening and all I wanted was the run to be over.  Fortunately 4km was my turnaround so there was no way I could cut it short. I was committed to the 8km run I had set out to do....I needed to get back home somehow!  

Since I committed myself to getting my body back where I wanted it to be back in September, I have lost 15.5 inches.  I still have not dropped a single pound on the scale.  When I first started running I could literally feel my butt jiggle and anyone who has started running after a stretch of time off knows what I am talking about.  It still jiggles a little but much less than it did!  When I touch my legs with finger tips, I can now feel my quads!  So even though the scale doesn't say what I would like it to say, my body is changing and it feels fantastic.

This is a picture taken with my iPhone on my run this morning and then processed in Color Efex.