Crazy, Insane, Dumb, Smart, - 89/365

This morning, it took every fiber of my being to put on my running clothes and go outside into the snow.  It was around minus 10 degrees Celsius and the snow was seriously coming down.  I took a deep breath and stepped outside, finding my rhythm in the snow.  As I entered Fish Creek Park, I was starting to find my pace.  I was alone, the only think I could hear was the sound of my footsteps and I was taken aback by the beauty that was surrounding me.  I was grateful that I did not find an excuse to stay home.  Happiness filled me and I realized for the first time since I started running again, I was not worried about my breath.  I was enjoying it! My first 5km run in years and it felt great! The only other crazy, insane, dumb, smart people I saw were other runners or dog walkers...good thing I am both of those!

This is an iPhone image.  I can't run with my DSLR but this needed to be the picture of the day.  I processed it in Color Efex.