Where I Spend My Money - 86/365

Canine Aqua Fitness and Veterinary Rehab Centre is a place where I spend a lot of money!  I adore all the gals there but I would much rather meet them some time for coffee!  This is where Onyx gets her physio treatment.  Last week, Onyx was supposed to have a third leg surgery, this time on the other leg.  She did not have the surgery as she had shown great improvement.  Thanks in part to Canine Aqua Fitness and in part to a lot of rest.  Today we fit her for a leg brace that will enable her to walk farther while we try to save the other leg from surgery.  In addition we had a laser and infrared treatment.  Since we come to this building so often, I thought it deserved a place in this years project! 

This is three image HDR processed first in HDR Efex.  I then converted the image to monochrome using Silver Efex.