Before I was a Photographer, I was a Runner - 82/365

The sound of my feet hitting the pavement or the crunch of snow underneath my shoes, is a sound that brought me peace long before the sound of a shutter click.  In 2009, I did Ironman Canada and shortly after that, I had some pretty serious family stuff happen.  My love for running faded as I needed a mental escape.  When I ran, I would think and I did not want to think anymore.  Soon I had a camera in my hand and my running shoes were collecting dust.  Five years later and a few extra pounds, the runner in me has reawakened.  Today was my first official training day for a 10 km race.  No, 10km is not Ironman but it will feel like it when I cross the finish line. Once again, I found the sound of the snow beneath my feet as hypnotic as the click of the shutter.  I AM A RUNNER!

This is a single image processed in Silver Efex.