Dedication, 26 Years of Protest - 72/365

Today, I met Jacqueline Smith, a woman who has spent the past 26 years protesting the National Civil Rights Museum.  Her message is to boycott the museum.  She believes that the location should be used to house the homeless rather than profit from the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Jacqueline began her protest on January 12th 1988 when she was evicted from the Lorraine Motel.  She was the Lorraine's last tenant and had previously worked there on the front counter.  In the brief time I spoke to Jacqueline, I found her to be an intelligent woman.  She asked where we were from and immediately started singing the Canadian National Anthem in a beautiful voice.  If you ever wind up in Memphis, make sure you stop in and say hi to Jacqueline.  Her website is at: