Buyers Beware of Pure Canvas - 344/365

This seems to be my year to battle companies.  Usually I do not have that many complaints.  I am a consumer of Groupon.  I have had all great experiences with Groupon.  Even when there has been an issue, everything has been resolved quickly.  Groupon may work with me to resolve this issue too so at this time, I have nothing bad to say about Groupon.  Unfortunately I cannot say the same about PureCanvas.  I ordered five canvas prints from PureCanvas through Groupon.  After PureCanvas confirmed that they had received all five orders and stated that the prints would be shipped the following week I received the email below.  Please note the comment about the shipping costs.  I placed the order on November 8th and this letter did not arrive until after the time period that they stated for not refunding shipping costs.  How can a company charge shipping and keep it when they did not actually ship the item?  Shipping charges for five canvas prints was actually fairly pricy.  Needless to say I just got off the phone with my credit card company and have put in a dispute for the shipping charges.  I have also been in contact with Groupon to work on getting my money refunded for the purchase of the five groupons too.  I will give an update as this progresses.  I just wanted everyone in my photography network to beware of Pure Canvas. DO NOT purchase anything from them.  It is a scam!