Sony Sucks - 328/365

I spent a small part of my day discussing why Sony's technical support couldn't give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to replace the sensor in my Sony Camera.  They flat out refused to tell me how much it would cost and said that I had to mail it to them for an assessment.  Not only that, if I decided that it was too expensive and I might as well just buy a new camera, they would charge me for simply looking at it!  I know what is wrong and I am pretty sure they know how much it would cost.  I also enquired at the Camera Store if they had any Sony experience.  They told me that Sony will not allow them to send in camera's on a customer's behalf unlike any other camera manufacturer out there.  Though Sony is first in class on innovation they are sure bottom of the list in customer service.

This is a single image processed in Analog Efex.  I took a busy picture so I wouldn't have to edit out the scratch!