Fading Signal - 327/365

With just over a month left, I am determined to get the last few themes done for the Flickr Group 114 in to 2014.  This is a macro of the fading glow of the left turn signal of the rental car I had for the weekend.  The theme is signal.  I will be returning the vehicle tomorrow morning.  Hopefully the part for my truck comes in this week!

After posting this image, I have five more themes to go.  They are: 

  1. Paperweight.... (I know what I am doing for this one)
  2. Zodiac Signs.... (I have an idea that will take some work)
  3. Represent an Iconic Album Cover or Movie Poster in your image.... ( HELP!! I'm open to suggestions)
  4. Panning.... (Yes, I think I have an idea for this one)
  5. Fern/s.... (I think I might have to buy one!)