Bad Breath Isn't Sexy - 326/365

This sign made me laugh and I needed a laugh.  

I shot this quick image in the parking lot of Vistek.  Vistek did not charge me for the sensor cleaning as it confirmed that there was no smudge and in fact the scratch was really a scratch.  This was my test shot from Vistek's parking lot to see if I would be able to see the scratch.  Yes, I could clearly see it in the sky and I used LightRoom's spot removal tool to get rid of it.  The test shots at a wide open aperture seems to "hide" the scratch.  Unfortunately that is not how I shoot most of the time.  It looks like I will be phoning Sony on Monday to see what the cost of a sensor replacement it.  Vistek's staff think it will be around $1200  :(  

Vistek's customer service was fantastic through this.