Wind of Change - 324/365

The wind of change is blowing through my life at the moment.  My department at work has ceased to exist and there is significant restructuring.  Many are keeping their current roles and are being moved into different teams.  I am not one of those individuals.  I am also not one of those individuals who is being let go either.  My skill set is valued enough that I have been offered a different role and have the next few days to decide if that new role is a fit for me and my career goals. 

My mother always said that things happen in threes, she may be right: 

#1. truck, I am now without it for up to 10 days, the stick shift snapped;
#2. Forced career change; and
#3. I am quite certain I scratched my sensor on the new camera today.  I happened to be distracted by #1 and #2 and was carless.

Keeping to the theme of three, this is a three image HDR processed in HDR Efex.