Heartbroken - 317/365

November 13th was spent in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  We woke up before dawn in an attempt to catch sunrise.  The formations were magnificent and I have hundreds of images.  The one thing that overshadowed this part of the trip was the over abundance of stray dogs.  We spent two nights in Tuba city and my heart broke with all of the stay starving dogs.  This fellow approached us and he had me in tears within in minutes.  Blind in one eye, limping and starving, even now, I am tearing.  Even though he had obviously been hurt by a human due to his cautious approach, he still had hope that he would find someone to care for him.  I feel absolute guilt knowing I left him lying in the dirt.  I will not be able to think of this day in monument valley without feeling a deep sadness.