Water Measurement - 305/365

Today is cold and dreary so I knew there was no way I could take a landscape that would top yesterday's image.  I decided to knock off one of the few remaining themes I have for the flickr group 114 pictures it 2014.  This is for the theme kettle or pot.  I love the pots that have measurements inside them.

It also let me play with a new toy.  The canon lens adapter arrived for my sony A7R.  I can now use all of my canon lenses on the Sony.  I will eventually replace all of my lenses but this allows me to do slowly within in my budget.  This shot is with the Sony and my Tamaron 90 mm Macro lens.  I focused manually for this shot but I did attempt the auto focus. As expected it was a little slow but once it was there, it was as accurate as it would be without the adapter.

This is a single image processed in Analog Efex.