Invigorating - 5/365

What an absolutely invigorating day to be alive.  At least for today, the snow has stopped falling and the sun came out.  Yes, the temperature may have dropped to approximately 20 degrees Celsius but that just adds a tingle to the toes during the hunt for the perfect picture of the day.  Unfortunately there was not a cloud in the sky, which for black and white photography, is as bad as a dreary grey overcast sky.  I embraced my reclusive nature and headed out alone to Fish Creek Provincial Park.  I loved hearing the snow beneath my feet.  My favourite spot to go in Fish Creek Park is now unreachable to me, though I am debating hip waders so I can go say hello to my favourite tree.  I watched four deer debate the same thing I was, and they jumped in the water.  The water came up to the top of their necks and given my height deficient stature, I decided not to go for an icy swim in the river.   Instead I started to investigate the shadows along the edge of the bank created by the late afternoon sun.