Photography of Fish Creek Park - 3/365

Today was a challenge.  Upon observing the significant snowfall, it was incredibly difficult to bundle myself up and head outside.  Day three, I was already looking for things around the house to shoot!  Once I was finally outside, I observed the most uninspiring sky.  A plain sky is boring in colour pictures but down right drab in monochrome.  With Fish Creek Park just down the road, I decided to head there.  

My first subject of choice, a bridge, was unreachable.  I had not been back to this area of the park since the flood and I could not safely reach the angle I wanted to shoot from in the fresh snow.  I did not want to trip over uneven pavement that the powerful flood water had ripped up.  My eyes were soon drawn to the perfect grove of white birch trees.  There was great lines and contrast, making the overcast sky irrelevant. 

Fish Creek Provincial Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America, stretching 19 km from east to west. At 13.48 km2, it is over three times the size of Vancouver Stanley Park (info from wikipedia).