A Humbling Experience

As good as yesterday was, today was a new day.  I do not want this blog to become my on-line diary where I bare my soul but let's simply say that I was happy to escape my mind and focus on the beauty that can be found if only you take the time to look.

My photographic adventure lead me to Lloyd Park.  To me this park is magical.  This location is featured numerous times in my last year long project.  Very few people seem to explore its winter beauty, leaving the landscape wide open for a roaming photographer.  The humbling experience occurred almost instantaneously.  I discovered how completely dependant I am on colour to make my images pop.  I have a large quantity of images that I took today but they are completely lacking when converted to monochrome.  I knew they would be as I took them but I could not stop myself from clicking the shutter.  However, I took one image and I knew that it would be the monochrome picture for today.  The question is, what makes this image so different from all the rest?  Texture, lines, shapes and contrast all make this image appealing in monochrome.  Don't get me wrong it looks good in colour too but this image is actually more intense in monochrome as it is using other compositional tactics to grab the eye.  This is a single image processed in ColorEfex Pro and Lightroom 5.

I will be forever humbled by this monochrome adventure.