Terrific Textures - 18/365

Today was the third day hanging around the house with Onyx.  I had an extreme case of cabin fever and the beautiful day outside was not helping.  I could feel my irritability growing so I decided to grab my camera and head to the park for an hour.  I was looking for chunks of anchored ice to shoot but I did not find any.  However, the light on the water was breathtaking.  I discovered that I have a small fear of walking on solid ice beside the river.  Even though I could see another person walking on it and that I could see that I would only be at most thigh deep should the ice break.  I just could not bring myself to go too far out. 

Today's shot is a single image.  I used a three stop neutral density filter so I could have a longer exposure and smooth out the water a touch.   I once again processed today's image in analog efex.