Once Loved - 12/365

Until recently, I only posted my work on Flickr.  I enjoy flickr mainly due to the contacts and groups.  This year, I have joined the group 114 Pictures in 2014.  There are 114 themes that I must take in the year.  One of these themes is bear/teddy bear.  For my picture of the day, I decided to do a teddy bear photo shoot.  I had quite a bit of fun and I wound up with four shots that I really liked!  Today's picture was a tough choice because I like all four images.  Since I started this monochrome journey, I have not struggled with my image choice even if I had multiple images.  Mainly because the others look better in colour.  The Teddy Bear in the picture was one of my sister's much loved toys.  It was then passed down to me.  I still have a few of the most treasured stuffed animals on my office shelves.

Today's image was chosen above the other's due to its mood, textures and tones.  It is processed in analog efex by starting with the camera wetplate 4.  I made a few adjustments from there.