Lastest Website Accomplishment

My latest challenge for my website was to add a donation box and two referral links.  I am sure for many people out there, this is an extremely easy task.  For me, it took  most of the night researching before realizing this was an easy task!  First I tackled the paypal button.  I could not simply just add it as I was reading conflicting information.  Did I need to be a charity or didn't I?  I finally found my answer in the paypal community no, you do not have to be a charity.  Though if you are non profit, the processing fees are less.  If you are not a charity, paypal keeps 33% of the donation.  Once I had this question answered, I followed the instructions at this link and inserted the button in the sidebar of my blog.  Of course, I had to test my handy work and gave myself a dollar donation.  The test was successful and well worth the 33 cents.  I have not decided if I will keep it or not, but at least I know how to do it now!  

My next challenge was to input a referral link for smugmug and a contributor referral link for shutterstock.  These were a lot easier and required less research.  I found my own personal link for smugmug under the stats section in my smugmug account.  In shutterstock, I found the link under the referral tab.  From there it was a quick copy and paste into a hyper link.   

That is enough of a challenge for me today!