Out with the Old - 365/365


The sun sets on the final day of 2014.  I sat in the middle of the farmers field and reflected on the year as I took this image.  It has been a wonderful year filled with much joy and love.  I did not expect to have such an amazing year when it started.   Two pretty wonderful trips this year, each with a different person I love.  

Good luck to anyone who is doing a project 365 for 2015.  I will be watching from the sidelines this year.  However I will be doing two projects in 2015 on flickr, 115 in 2015 and 100X.  My 100X is Creepy Critters, which will be 100 pictures of insects or spiders that I find.  

A Fish Creek Park Favourite - 364/365

My third project 365 is almost at a close.  One more picture to go after this one!  The end of a yearly project is always bitter sweet for me.  A feeling of relief to have a break but then I miss going out every day to take my shot.  However, after a year of taking images, I need a break to catch up on all my processing.  For my second to last picture, I went to one of my favourite spots in Fish Creek Park.  These groves of trees have been featured a few times this year.  

This is a single image processed in HDR Efex. 

A Merry Christmas Morning - 359/365

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  This image was one of the first things I laid my eyes on Christmas morning.  I grabbed my camera and snapped a few images before I started making Christmas breakfast.  

I am a bit late posting images for two reasons.  First, I am trying to spend more time with family than my pictures.  Second, I broke the hard drive that I brought with me that every single image is stored on since August so I've been grumpy about it.  Fortunately the data seems to still be there so I will get it recovered once I am back in Calgary.  Even if it can't be recovered on the drive, I subscribe to an on-line backup service.  I checked, and all but the last two days before the crash are backed up so the loss will be very minimal.   I have decided to get a drobo after this experience.

This is a three image HDR processed in HDR Efex and LightRoom.

356/365 - Alberta Sunrise

I do not think  mornings get any prettier than this.  Most winter mornings I am at work as the sun rises and I miss seeing the stunning colours.  Either that or I am warm and cozy in my bed!  It was a difficult choice to pick which picture as I have a few others in a different location with gorgeous pink highlights in the sky.

Only nine more days to go in project 365 and it seems I have regained my inspiration.  No, I will still be taking next year off but I have a suspicious that I may be back doing it again in 2016.

This is a three image HDR processed in HDR Efex.

Winter Warmth - 355/365

A beautiful warm winter day.  Today was filled with a few errands and walks outside with the dogs.  A perfect day spent in wonderful company.

This is a three image HDR processed in HDR Efex and Lightroom.

Winter Journey- 354/365

Today was the first day of a much needed break.  I am already starting to feel relaxed.  I hope time passes slowly as I do not want the next two weeks to fly by!  This was the view on the way home from exploring Brown-Lowrey Provincial Park.

This is a three image HDR processed in HDR Efex.

Wonderful Winter - 353/365

I finally made it outside for a lunch time wander and I found myself drawn to the river.  It was nice to get a breath of fresh air even though it was mostly overcast with little sun. 

This is a three image HDR processed in HDR Efex.

More Tasty Treats - 352/365

It turns out that when you give treats, you often receive a few in return!  A lunch photo walk was replace with a curry lunch with a good friend.  Fortunately I had these tasty treats to use as the picture of the day.

Salty Goodness - 350/365

During this time of the year I find it extremely difficult to resist all the  treats.  From sweet to salty, I want it all. Fortunately I have a new exercise program already sitting here so I am all ready to start the New Year.

Colourful Kitchen Essentials - 349/365

With only 16 days left, I am struggling.  It is dark after work and I am not able to get out for lunch time walks due to other commitments.  As a result, I am scrambling in my house to find something easy to shoot.  After spending all weekend in the kitchen, I decided to shoot one of the essentials that is always found in my kitchen drawer.  

Before and After - 347/365

Guess what I did today?  It has been a few years since I did any Christmas baking.  I managed to do five treats today and hope to do four or five more tomorrow.  My house has never smelt better!!  It is hard work though and I am very tired!