Bar (#3 Pub Sign)

I could not resist taking a shot of this neon sign on our way back to our hotel after dinner one night.  It looked pretty cozy inside so I decided that it would qualify for a "pub".  I did not go inside so who knows, it could be a night club!

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Repetition (#88)

It seemed that there was a line up of bikes everywhere we turned in San Francisco.  There appeared to be many companies offering bike tours and also bikes to rent by the hour to explore by yourself. 

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Glass Wine Jugs (#67 Glass)

Glass wine jugs outside of Nicholson Ranch, an estate winery in the Sonoma Valley.  I probably wandered in areas they don't normally want their tour guests to see :)

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Weather Vane (#107)

Weather Vanes were plentiful in  San Francisco but my favourite was found on top of a metal artwork piece at Hagafen Cellars.  Hagafen Cellars is a family run, Kosher winery in the Napa Valley.  Their wines have been served at the White House.

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A San Francisco Birthday (#89)

January 31, 2015 was my 40th Birthday.  This is one of my favourite shots our day of wine touring in the Sonoma and Napa Valley.  On the way to the wineries we pit stopped near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Although it was a short trip, it was wonderful to escape the cold Calgary weather.  

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Seeing Red (#76)

Roses from the sweetest man I know, which makes me a very lucky woman.  I decided to test out the extension tubes I was given for Christmas.  I used a 16mm extension tube with a 90mm macro lens and this is the result.  I am looking forward to using them on tiny critters in the spring!

Shot for the flickr group 115 in 2015.  Processed in Lightroom.

Water, the Wonder of Life (#110)

Without water, there would be no life.  It looks so innocent as you sip it from a glass but it has an intense power.  I shot this image last Saturday on a trip to Elbow Falls.  It is my first visit since the  2013 flood.  Wow!  It look so different.  The changes to the landscape show just how strong water can be.  

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Stark (#43)

One more shot from two weeks ago.  I find winter itself has a stark feeling, lone tracks in fresh snow even more so.  This images is for the Flickr Group 115 Pictures in 2015. This is a single image processed in LightRoom.

Winter Wonderland (#110)

Another image from my walk in Fish Creek Park with Onyx the weekend before last.  The fresh snow made me think of the piece of music "Winter Wonderland"

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It was a Very Blustery Day (#71)

I have enjoyed taking a bit of a break from shooting every day, processing every night and posting.  Though I have enjoyed it, I also miss it.  I am happy to report that I finally have my Sony Camera back.  Though it was quite a painful process initially, it is finally fixed.  The cost was not excessive either.  I still do not agree with Sony's customer service policies but I do enjoy their technology. 

This image was shot yesterday on a very blustery snowshoe at Upper Kananaskis Lake.

Sun Dog (#105 Freeze)

After a two day break, I could not resist grabbing my camera to take a picture of the sun dogs in the sky.  I was out starting my SUV to warm it up in the minus 21 degree Celsius weather when they caught my eye.  This is a shot of one of the two sun dogs that were in the sky this afternoon.   Since sun dogs form only when it is exceptionally freezing outside, I thought this would be the perfect shot for #105 freeze for the flicker group 115 Pictures in 2015. Sun dogs are formed by light refracting form hexagonal ice crystals (as per Wikipedia). 

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